Windows dhcp not updating dns records

I am writing the to include all the necessary information that I think is required to complete this successfully.Every scenario will differ slightly however these steps should be useful for most migrations.The forward zones point names at IP addresses or other types of records and the reverse zones contain information about what the name is for a given IP address. Otherwise, choose Secondary Zone if the server will be acting as a secondary name server for a given zone (make sure the primary allows zone transfers from the IP of the system you’re configuring) or select Stub Zone if the server will host a partial list of records. At the Dynamic Update screen, choose whether the zone will allow dynamic updates.

My question is two-fold: On the DC, the DHCP client and DHCP server services are both set to automatic. The client service will not start and fails with error 127: the specified procedure is not found. On a member server (W2008 R2) that will be holding my Exchange 2010 application, I have the same problem.

Key points are: When a client sends a broadcast, the message will be sent to all DHCP servers and the SCCM server.

If the broadcast is for DHCP, all 3 DHCP servers will go to action it, however part of the broadcast includes the subnet that the client belongs to.

In my environment I will be migrating my DHCP servers as part of a larger Domain Controller upgrade/migration project and will only document the DHCP aspect.

Current DHCP configuration: I wont cover what already most people reading this blog know but I will advise you all to have a glance here ( and spend a moment refreshing your memory.