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And yes, Spotify knows what’s in your “$exy Timez” playlist.

Thirsty males have created 56 per cent of Spotify’s sex playlists, while females have created 44 percent.

While Chet freely admits that he doesn't always understand the humans around him, the mutt who failed to graduate from the police academy quickly establishes that he's got a nose made for sniffing out trouble -- as well as the tasty morsel.

When the story begins, Chet and Bernie are settled into the companionable routine they established when Bernie got divorced and lost custody of his son.

Chet suggests a spin-off, , that would follow Adam and his bride, and Brad gleefully agrees, but only if they get him to marry Grace so she'll bring in the Telemundo audience. "Believe it or not, I have a modicum of respect for them." And now I, sir, have a modicum of respect for you! Shamiqua gets massaged by Adam but refuses to bring the sex appeal (like Jay asked her to do).

Anna admits to Rachel that she knows the deal about and Grace, and Rachel has an idea-- what if Anna won instead? Faith and Adam get in an ADORABLE clay fight, which isn't good for .

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Spotify has also collected the world’s 28 million love playlists for something a little more modest, and has put together an ultimate love playlist featuring the most popular tracks, including songs by Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake.up on the internet for embeddable streamable pleasure – and thanks, really. Personally I love the fact he is tagging his own music as #sex. Faith tells the other gals that she feels weird shooting the show so soon after Mary's death, and Graham swoops in with this "show must go on" speech and the lack of respect for this dude is hilarious.Chet and Quinn hop on a call with Brad (from the network) who wants to capitalize on ratings and do a two-hour special with Adam actually getting married. Quinn and Chet sit down with Adam and Grace and tell them about ! Later, Grace tells Anna that she's already been chosen as the winner, i.e. Grace, I was starting to like you after last week's episode but spilling the beans like that is a straight up stupid move. Fueled by the promise of living her dream (well, her realistic one), she tries to persuade Adam, but he won't budge on marrying one of the girls.