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You watch the couple and the life in their eyes is nonexistent; this is work, not play.Donald Trump has reacted to the devastating attacks in Brussels by claiming the West is “having problems with Muslims” and suggesting authorities should surveil mosques and “study what is going on”.The bouncer lets you in and you follow the staircase up to a room where people are sitting and a bartender is taking their drink orders.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Why in Brussels do my friends of every nationality land themselves in the most bizarrely complicated relationships?

For argument's sake, let's begin with a lovely Mediterranean lady of 27.

She had yet another squeeze, Jim, who she'd confide in about 'the girl in New York'.

One year on, Jim wants more than just a squeeze from my friend but his relationship status on Facebook reveals that he has in fact also fallen for the same girl in the Big Apple.