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Unfortunately, his soul-mate still views him in a decidedly platonic manner, but he vows to win her heart now that he has a second chance, all the while fending off the advances of women who are actually interested in him, including one of his own pop-tarts.Romantic comedies can be tricky to pull off, even for those with experience in the genre.“Because it’s really hard to lose 45 pounds in an hour without cutting an actual limb off. It didn’t have to necessarily be like a fat suit or anything, but it just felt great to experiment in that world of being a young, kind of semi-pubescent high schooler again. It was great to kind of reclaim it a little bit as that character and just feel free to be honest and wear my heart on my sleeve and be vulnerable and be sensitive, be everything that the future Chris Brander isn’t.In a way it kind of was sort of an architect of compassion for me for those guys that are out there and they’re players and they’re a little bit smarmy maybe. They’re just trying to avoid intimacy because they’ve been hurt.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Reynolds said he decided not to go the De Niro route and actually gain the weight because he isn’t that committed to his craft. What He Got Out of the Fat Suit Experience: “I felt like it could have been anything.Turns out he became a cad when the object of his teenage hormonal urges...uh, make that “crush” rejected his overtures, giving him that dreaded line about just being friends.And as Fate - or at least Hollywood’s version thereof - would have it, he meets the former girl-of-his-dreams many years and many broken female hearts down the line, and realizes she is his one true love.She then appeared in the video of “It’s About Time” in the year 1993.She got a chance to work in Martin Kunert’s movie called “Campfire Tales” and after that she appeared in a small role as ‘Queenie’ in the rendition of short story “A&P” by John Updike in the year 1996.