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Also Read: 6 Surprising Pinoy Historical Facts You Probably Don’t Know Are you ready for a list of mind-blowing Pinoy facts and trivia? It is said that extreme jealousy forced Luna to pull the trigger. The late President Corazon Aquino as well as the EDSA People Power Revolution are best remembered through the iconic ‘yellow ribbon’.

He was later acquitted in February 1893 after the court categorized the murder as a . However, she once admitted that RED was actually her first favorite.

They’re mostly useless information that stay in our brains for not longer than 60 seconds.

Still, they fascinate us in a way that even more useless showbiz news can’t do. He was later acquitted of his “crime of passion.” . His wife, Maria de la Paz Pardo de Tavera, and his mother-in-law.

Turns out, half a million bottle caps got the winning number. Thousands claimed the prizes but Pepsi officials revealed that there was a technical glitch.

Dubbed as the “Number Fever”, the promo was offered by Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines. In the end, the company spent more than 200 million pesos to pay up to 500, 000 disappointed claimants.

The characters feel like they could be people from real life, nothing so special, but also unique.

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Napatanaw ako sa bintana, may mga traffic enforcer, pulis, at mga ambulansiya na nakakalat sa daanan na nagdadahilan sa pagbagal nang takbo ng bus. Napabuntong-hininga na lang ako, matagal-tagal pa ang biyahe namin kahit na malapit na kami.

The yellow color only came after some friends suggested the song for Ninoy’s homecoming.

Cory continued to use her yellow trademark after her husband’s death. In 1992, Pepsi offered 1 million pesos to anyone who had a bottle cap with “349” printed on it.

Bayani Agbayani as Kit’s brother and Rolando Inocencio as the shop manager, provide support.

Both actors deliver tempered performances that showcase their comedic talent.