Black women dating outside

The tweet's implication that there is something odd or unusual about interracial dating did not go over well on the social media site.Others pointed out that the data Dear @Newsweek, 2011 called and it wants its headline back."Since they are so infatuated with y'all, do you think that you would treat a white woman better than you would treat a black woman? "I don't think you treat them better because they're white," Bo says. With them, you're the man." Watch above to see how more of the party plays out, and hear Iyanla's take on how the House of Healing women conducted themselves.After a busy day of revealing exercises and emotional sessions to explore what's really at the heart of their anger, the women of the House of Healing retire indoors to relax before attending a mixer at the house with some surprise guests.

Please watch your footing as we step into the land of crooked double standards.

"While 25 percent of black men married someone of a different race in 2015, only 12 percent of women did.

When it came to marrying white men, only three percent of black women said ‘I Do' in 2015," Williams added.

Bo says that he learned from his mother to avoid "angry" women.

Michael says his artistry and music have caused black women in his family and neighborhood to think that he's "weird." And Koro says his "God-fearing" ways have been a turnoff for black women he's come across.