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The Tate Modern collection comprises international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 until today.The permanent collection is displayed on levels 3 and 5, level 4 displays temporary exhibition, and level 2 holds the work of contemporary artists.It’s one of the oldest forms of art, dating back as early as the 8th century B. and refined by Greek craftsmen during the 5th century.The Mosaic Line of natural stone keeps this tradition alive.Flaherty said the collaboration facilitated by CLAVIS is unmatched by peer institutions. “The number of rewarding, critical conversations that I’ve had here over the years, I really can’t imagine having gotten them elsewhere,” she said.“A major focus is effective graduate training, and now our students are going out into the world and taking even more prominent positions in the field,” Flaherty said, adding CLAVIS graduated Ph. Though currently in Houston to finish her dissertation, Biczel returned to campus this fall to install the exhibition at the Visual Arts Center (VAC), where she was a Curatorial Fellow in 2015-16. “They are artists who are already established, but youngish.The day after the news of the massacre Azzawi was compelled to construct a work based on the killing: ‘I had at that time a roll of paper and, without any preparatory sketches, the idea for the work came to me.

Dia Azzawi’s epic work Sabra Shatila will be displayed at the Tate Modern (level 3) this July.The logo has been designed by Lisbon-based Brandia Central.The shape of the Official Emblem of Russia 2018 takes on the universally recognisable outline of the World Cup Trophy, while the bold use of red, gold, black and blue in the emblem’s colour palette was inspired by centuries-old techniques seen in world-renowned Russian art dating back to the earliest icon paintings.The magic ball at the top of the emblem puts the world’s love of football into the spotlight.And the components of the emblem taken together blend unique attributes of the World Cup and of Russia as host nation.